Rose Water (Wormwood Trilogy 1) – Tade Thompson

African Fiction needs more love. Though gaining more deserved merit, many avid readers I know have not taken the plunge. And if they have, they’ve often read books on African tribal or village life. Those are great, don’t get me wrong, but African fiction is expansive and today we’re looking at a Sci-fi, 2050’s Nigeria. Specifically, the city of Rosewater, a new city arising around an alien biodome of unknown origins, which also has healing powers? When things take a subtle dark turn, we follow a psychic government agent, with an enigmatic and messy past himself…

I was sceptical going in because it felt like it was doing too much at once. But it did not disappoint! The whole trilogy is a bumpy yet exciting ride. Not only is it imaginative and well thought out, with topics such as robotic humans, interplanetary and international relations and mass hysteria explored, it also explores humans and their relations very well. It was the kind of book that made me hate some characters yet still be eager to follow them and to question what would happen to my relationships if I were thrown into the unknown factors of this series.

Also a bonus, I very much appreciated the audiobook’s voice acting! So it’s a great listen too!