Cynthia Kadohata – some all time Favourites

Kira- Kira means to sparkle in Japanese. This book is incredible, one of my favourite of all times. Going over the stories of a Japanese-American child as her family move across the States.  It is the kind of story made for children but can be read by and invoke feeling in all ages. It truly how the emotional range of children. This book discusses sibling love, struggles of growing up as a third culture kid and growing up in general, bereavement, poverty and far more! I recommended this to an English teacher who used it with her children and very much liked it.

A Million Shades of Grey, should be far more famous than the book of a similar name that I shall not mention. It shows the lovely bond between a young boy and his elephant and the tumultuous experience they go through during the Vietnam war. Highly recommend!

Weedflower: A moving and tragic book of a young Japanese girl in one of the American camps where in which the Japanese were forced. I read this at around age 12 and it taught me so much about life, hardship and history.

Another great book is Outside beauty, centred around four half-Japanese sisters of different fathers.

More people should know Cynthia Kadohata! My father brought back some of her books after a work trip to New York and I am eternally thankful. She tends to write for demographic in between childrens’ books and teen fiction, often called middlegrade fiction. Quality fiction for children is priceless, especially when it can also be enjoyed by adults.